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A Brief History of Katy Park Baptist Church

A group of approximately 25 people wanted to begin a church that would commit to serious discipleship and service to others. This was the first Southern Baptist Church started in The Harmony association in 50 years.

This small fellowship came out of Bethany Baptist Church under the title of New Covenant Fellowship. The first meeting was held January 23, 1985. The fellowship enjoyed a fresh start as they met in homes, a bank, and then in the Liberty Theater. The formal organization of the church was not until May 19, 1985.

Shortly after the formal organization, a decision was made to buy our current property, however the only existing structure was the current basement. Work began in November on the auditorium and continued with mostly volunteer labor for the next 3 years.

The church went through a difficult period in 1991 and some changes had to be made. Under the direction of Marlin Brown, Director of Missions, he was able to lead the church in taking a more unified vision and it was at that time the church name was changed to Katy Park Baptist Church.

The church wanted to identify with its surrounding community. This was a step in the right direction. During the next few years, the Lord made a good name for our church in the community, and established its performance and influence.

Today the church is at a new juncture with new families, and a hope to grow deeper with the Lord and watch God work in and through our lives and ministries. The church's vision is one that calls individuals to a strong commitment to Christ and stand with them as they grow, minister and share Jesus with their friends.