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Grief Recovery Program
Associate Pastor: Richard DeFord

Are you tired of the hurt?  Ready to get help?


Have you suffered a loss of a loved one, marriage, job or other significant emotional event that is weighing on you?  Would you like to learn tools that will help you overcome this weight and move to a new understanding of your grief?  Our Grief Recovery Program is free to members of the community as a ministry of our church.

Each support group lasts 8-weeks with new groups forming regularly.  For more information, you may call Richard DeFord at (660)287-2505.

The next grief recovery support group begins with our community-wide meeting on September 8 at 6 p.m. with session 1 beginning September 15.  Cost is underwritten by Katy Park Baptist Church with the exception of a book which is required for purchase at the end of session 1.  Cost of the book is $11.00.



This program is led by Rev. Richard E. DeFord, a board-certified chaplain and certified Grief Recovery Specialist."

"I have experienced many losses in my life.  From losing both of my parents, both of my in-laws, other relatives, pets, career changes and my three best friends to three separate accidents in the span of one month period of time.  As a hospice chaplain, I saw grief in the families I served and wanted desperately to provide a resource for them.  As a pastor, I have seen many of our members in our church as well as individuals in our community touched by the loss of a loved one. 

I look forward to the chance to help you heal your heart after experiencing loss.  My pain is not your pain and I can never fully know your experience or your emotion.  Just know that this program is a wonderful opportunity for you to heal." - Richard DeFord